Dynamic Escalator Display

Safer, faster and smarter with the Dynamic Escalator Display.

The Dynamic Escalator Display is made of ultra-high-performance concrete and optical fibers which are used at the entrances and exits of the escalators and the elevators. The display symbols inform the user about the direction of travel and possible malfunctions. Pulsating patterns ensure early perception and counteract congestion, prevent accidents and missteps. Due to this the security level and customer satisfaction can be demonstrably increased, especially for highly frequented systems. Depending on the operation settings, the Dynamic Escalator Display can even reduce service costs.

Product Details

The Dynamic Escalator Display is a large concrete slab on whose surface information is displayed with the use of light. Three defined patterns are displayed according to the escalator function. The respective signals of the escalator are picked up by a control unit, converted and visualized synchronously as a light pattern. While a green arrow indicates the direction of travel, a red cross indicates a malfunction. The 1000 x 1000 x 50 mm plates can be easily installed on existing escalators as well as can be use in the new projects.

Product video of the Dynamic Escalator Display