Illuminating Orientation System

On time, safe and efficient for satisfied customers.

SIUTs Illuminating Orientation System consists of single modules which work and interact with each other. These are made of high-performance concrete, light conducting material and a smart electronic unit where data is received, processed and translated into light signals. Color-coded lines and dynamic patterns share information in an internationally comprehensible and non-discriminatory way with passengers and passers by.

Adaptable to almost any situation where guiding and wayfinding is needed, the indi vidually controllable modules can be scaled to create systems that help people find their way. Whatever complex the situation might be.

Taking the rail context as an example, the Illuminating Orientation System optimizes the distribution of passengers at train platforms by providing information about upcoming trains ahead of time. An early visualisation of the trains stop position makes sure that passengers align in the relevant areas and a marking of train cars where seats are available guarantees passengers a comfortable ride. At the same time, entry and exit times can be reduced resulting in fewer delays, increased customer satisfaction and fewer penalties increasing for operators.

Product details, light patterns and color variants

Individual concrete slabs are arranged in a row, scalable to build complex guiding systems. Each slab can be controlled individually to display various patterns in a range of colors.

The Illuminating Orientation System offers a multitude of individual design options to share relevant information comprehensibly and intuitively.

Product video of the Illuminating Orientation System

Siut Illuminating Orientation System on platform edge
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