LED Guidance System

On time, safe and efficient for satisfied customers.

The innovative LED Guidance System made of concrete optimizes the distribution of passengers at the train platforms by providing information and orientation to the people. An early visualization of the stop position of the train informs the passengers   by the light patterns about available seats inside the train. This optimizes entry and exit processes and reduces the train’s stop times. Fewer delays and increased passenger comfort ultimately result in enhanced customer satisfaction and fewer penalties among the operators.

Product details, light patterns and color variants

Individual concrete slabs arranged in a row, can be programmed independently of each other and together build the LED Guidance System. Each slab can be controlled autonomously and can display various patterns in the different colours. Lines, arrows and crosses can each light up in the colours shown above. LED Guidance System offers a multitude of individual design options as an intuitively understandable communication of information.

Product video of the LED Guidance System