Design Facades betoShell®Siut

Aesthetic Luminous Design Facades made of light fiber concrete

In the building construction, the combination of the betoShell® textile concrete system and the licensed lighting technology
SIUTtechnology creates design possibilities that are second to none: luminous facades.

Through targeted integration of optical fibers into the concrete facade elements, the material itself becomes a light source and enables innovative lighting concepts for new buildings and renovation projects.

Subtle light illuminations ensure a pleasant environment and an aesthetic enhancement of partial or large facade surfaces.

Luminous facades

Product details, color and surface variants

BetoShell® SIUTtechnology is a textile reinforced, slim and lightweight concrete facade that meets highest quality standards.­ The elements of the FLEX30 system with a material thickness of 30 mm, enable a variety of design options in the field of innovative architectural concrete.

luminous facade made of light fiber concrete siut berlin
luminous facade made of light fiber concrete siut berlin

The elements come with 4 undercut anchors at the back and can be easily attached to a substructure. From formwork-smooth exposed concrete to exposed aggregate concrete, five attractive surfaces and colors are available. The glass-fiber or carbon reinforced fiber concrete slabs are many times lighter than reinforced concrete slabs.

Universal applicable

Architectural facades, subsequent
facade cladding and cladding of walls

Lighting Technology

The light supply is centrally provided by a high-power generator. Color change and DMX control are possible

Easy installation

Invisible mounting on aluminium
substructure using agraffen-