Illuminated Platform Edge

Increased safety, provision of information and punctuality

SIUT’s Illuminated Platform Edge consists of single individual modules which are arranged in a row and interact with each other. These are made of a special concrete slab, an integrated light guide and an intelligent electronic unit in which
train-specific data is received, processed and translated into light signals.

Each concrete slab can be controlled individually to display static and dynamic light patterns in a wide range of colors.

Embedded in the floor, the guidance system visualizes a large variety of train information in advance in an intuitive
and internationally understandable way.

Due to wide range of visualization as well as data connection, the Illuminated Platform Edge offers great potential
for passengers and the operators in terms of safety enhancement, guidance and provision of information. Additionally, the aesthetic, innovative and modern element increases the attractiveness of stations and platforms.


Increasing safety on the platform

While the system lights up red the passengers' sense of safety is increased. The danger area is entered less frequently. An optimized distribution of passengers ensures fewer dangerous situations.

SIUT LED Leitsystem am Bahnsteig
SIUT LED Leitsystem am Bahnsteig

Passenger information on the platform

Due to an early and optimized distribution of passengers on the platform, boarding and alighting times are shortened as well as the trains's stopping cycles, which increases passenger comfort and punctuality.


Increased attention on
platforms by warning signals
directly in the floor

Passenger information

Improved orientation and
distribution of waiting
passengers due to information
being displayed directly in the floor


Enhanced punctuality and
satisfied customers by
reducing stopping times of trains


Increased attractiveness of
stations due to the aesthetic,
innovative and modern element